White Plus Size Fishnet Stockings


Yours legs will tell the story of how magnificently sensual you really are. Simply slip into a pair White Plus Size Fishnet Stockings and watch them go to work.

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Fishnets are associated with sexiness for reasons unknown. Do folks find fishing nets filled with flopping fish arousing? Jury’s out. Nevertheless, you’re sure to catch attention from captains, longshoremen, and curious mermaids alike in these White Plus Size Fishnets.Add a glamorous detail to your costume with a pair of White Plus Size Fishnets. They’re just the thing you need to make you and your Halloween costume stand out! Being a sexy bunny, a white witch, a fairy, a snow princess with a high tolerance for the cold, or any other white-stockinged vixen has never been easier!Now, normally we don’t do a separate description for plus size items. And why should we? It’s not usually relevant. But a lifetime of watching the seemingly-anorexic people on TV and in the movies could screw up anyone’s self-image. So if you feel like showing off your gams but are feeling a little short on the confidence needed to rock these fishnets, let us give you a pep talk and fret no more–we can assure you that thick is in, baby! If there’s one phrase that gets red-blooded men more hot ‘n’ bothered than “fishnets,” it’s “plus-size fishnets.” So feel free to show a little (or a lot) of leg with confidence in these White Plus Size Fishnets.


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