Victorian Steampunk Costume for Women


Toot toot! This Women’s Victorian Steampunk Costume will really toot your train conductor horn.

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Whatever you like most about the steampunk genre, you can always be sure you’ll look unique! We may not always know what those spring-loaded gadgets and gear-covered gizmos that show up in steampunk stories are supposed to do, but that old fashioned sense of style gets our imaginations running wild. Gear up in this chic Victorian Steampunk Costume, and you’ll look ready for your own steampunk adventure!Whenever we think of steampunk, we always picture a world full of massive zeppelins, glittering brass covered skyscrapers, and dashingly dressed heroes fighting off evil doers in thrilling, white knuckle air battles. There’s also a quieter side of this hi-tech alternate historical setting, which is full of elegant and ornate outfits (and complex but familiar devices) which combine classic fashion and design with the steely power and might of industry. Victorian style is classy and sophisticated enough on its own, but when your mix it with the flash and functionality of steampunk, you’ve got yourself a sexy retro look that will really make you stand out!This glamorous ensemble is part vintage, part industrial fashion, and all steampunk! The corset style top features strap-like details, rather than the laces you’d expect to find on a traditional corset, and an attached velvet collar with matching puffy shouldered sleeves. The matching leggings and skirt add a sassy mixture of old world and modern feminine fashions, while also letting you show off whichever boots you add to this look. Whatever you like most about this costume, you’ll look good no matter where your adventure takes you!


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