Steampunk Teen Costume for Girls


This Steampunk Teen Girls Costume is a perfect choice for someone who’s interests combine science fiction and history!

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We can only imagine what the world would be like if steam power had turned out to be the last word in transportation and energy production. Which is good, because we really want to believe it would be just like all those steampunk novels we’ve read, in which a cunning heroine uses her engineering skills and mechanical-mindedness to create a clever new invention that saves the world from certain doom. Come to think of it, that’s a pretty specific vision for the way things might have someday been. But at least it sounds stylish and full of adventure, even in the present day! Of course, real-life technology has been drifting away from smokestacks, paddle wheels, gears, and sprockets for some time, now. So to truly live the dream of an intrepid tinkerer, a girl is going to need a top-of-the-line time machine, and possibly an advanced degree in applied science. Or she could just do what most people do when they’re nostalgic for the retro-future: put on a great-looking costume like this one!This kids costume combines a modified Victorian-era dress with some essential steampunk touches, like machined details and a pair of geartooth goggles. Layering the functional look of leather straps atop the frills of high fashion, this outfit makes for a unique look that’s well-suited to any kind of brainstorm session or gizmo-seeking excursion. Once she’s all suited up, we’re sure she’ll feel more than ready to put her skills to the test!


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