Steampunk Sweetie Women’s


Step into a sci-fi universe in our Women’s Steampunk Sweetie. This exclusive Sci Fi costume features a geared top, brown pinstriped pants, and boot tops.

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CONQUER THE SKIESThe best part about the Steampunk world is the fact that the skies are pretty much accessible to anyone. It isn’t like you’ve got to go through a complicated education and get a bunch of licensing just to become a pilot. (And that is all before you’ve even got any wings for yourself, which means you’ve got to get hired by an airline or secure enough funding to find yourself a flightcraft for yourself. Then there are runway fees and more licensing…)The list of difficulties in our own world just keeps going! It’s insanity. But, in Steampunk, the glory of the Victorian Age meets advanced and peculiar science means that airships are the way to go for everyone! Steam-powered blimps are the Steampunk version of busses and anyone who is anyone is going to end up having a personal steamship to help them captain the skies. All that’s next is becoming an air pirate and claiming the clouds as your own! DESIGN & DETAILSGear up for your new life as a Steampunk Sweetie with this fantastic costume. It was Made by Us, so the materials are of the tip-top quality and the feel of the look is designed to be comfortable and authentic. In fact, it is our hope that you feel so great in this long-sleeved chiffon blouse and dark leggings that you’ll want to wear them all the time! They’ll go great with the patterned corset, the buckled holster, and the tan, button-up splats to wear over your boots. Add the pair of goggles and your own idealistic attitude and you might bring Steampunk to reality! DEFEND YOUR CROWN?We’re not sure that the ruler of the skies would wear a crown. Maybe wearing goggles on your head counts? But, either way, once you’re geared up for success in this Steampunk world, you’ll have several flocking to join or even compete with you. Be ready with a Steampunk pistol or even just that intimidating grin you’ll naturally have in this awesome costume.


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