Steampunk Goggles


These Steampunk goggles are the perfect accessories to complete the Steampunk costume. Decorative and fun, these goggles are sure to please any Halloween lover.

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TRUE TIME TRAVELIt’s one thing to be able to go back into the past. It’s another to go forward into the future. But, except for a single example of rather weird naming conventions, you can’t usually do both at once. Unless, of course, you turn to Steampunk.Only in this rare blend of future tech and Victorian style can you literally go back to the future or go forward to an older age! Bring the might of steam to bear and live in the future that we missed… the past that hasn’t yet happened!PRODUCT DETAILSMake sure that you’re looking out for all your Steampunk potential with these Steampunk Goggles. These glorious glasses have an elastic band for easy wear and perfect fit. The lenses are tinted red in case you want to see through some rose-colored glasses but, of course, all true Steampunkers wear their glasses anywhere but their eyes! SEE WITH PUNKISH PERFECTIONBeing able to see the potential in something is way more important than seeing it for just what it is. That’s the whole romanticism about Steampunk! Enjoy knowing that you’ve got eyes on the right stuff with these goggles and get ready for today’s adventure (even if it is happening tomorrow… or yesterday).


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