Steampunk Filigree Wings


The Steampunk Filigree Wings are the perfect addition to your steampunk costume. You’ll be mixing magic and technology.

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fairies of the futureWho says fairies should be limited to flower gardens and wooded glens? Who said their wings had to be made of gossamer and sunlight? Fairies are the epitome of magic mystery. Their elusive, fluttering ways have people wondering if they might, could be, might be real. If you want to bring that fairy daydream to life, you can do it in any way you can dream up! Embrace the unknown, come at your character’s story from a different direction! Why limit yourself to what’s already been done when you can bring the magic to life in a whole new way!Costume DetailsThese metallic colored wings form an intricate lace of cogs and wheels. The adjustable wings can be adjusted in a jiffy so when you’re taking photos, they can be interesting from all angles. The copper and gold colors pair perfectly with all sorts of steampunk accessories. Simply slip the elastic bands around your shoulders and these twenty-inch wings will help your costume take flight! Pretty Sort of PunkYou could go all sorts of directions once you have these wings on your back. Dive into our steampunk selection to discover anything from costumes to corsets to make your futuristic fairy look just right!


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