Purple Glitter Mini Top Hat


Add this purple glitter mini top hat to your Cheshire Cat costume, a showgirl costume or any other look that could use a little extra sparkle!

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There are two things that are guaranteed to make anything cute and fabulous. The first thing is an obvious one. All you have to do is put as much glitter as humanly possible on something and that extra sparkle will make it super adorable and extra fantastic. The second one is something not everyone thinks about right away but it’s pretty easy. Just take something looks good and make it about half the size of the original and you’ll instantly go up on the looking stunning sale. Now all you have to do is add a veil for a solid amount of mystique and you’ll be ready to knock their socks clean off. We’ve done all the work for you and even made it a wonderful purple color. This mini glitter top hat will be perfect for a brighter take on Victorian clothing, a Cheshire cat costume, or even a burlesque outfit. We’re not ones to stomp on creativity so let your imagination run as wild as this hat looks!


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