Plus Size Parisian Showgirl Costume for Women


Steal the stage of the burlesque with this Women’s Plus Size Parisian Showgirl Costume! Kick those legs up high and give ’em a show! Available in 2X.

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Turn-of-the-century Paris’s lasting nostalgic charm almost outshines the city’s very real modern-day charm. We can just imagine the sexy nightclubs mixed with world-class art. Writers from around the world flocked to the old buildings and darkly lit cafe’s to create masterpieces that we still talk about (looking at you Fitzgerald!). Moody weather and accordion music drifting down cobblestone streets makes for a good story (no wonder writers thrived). Thinking about the Moulin Rouge days of Paris can transport us back instantly!Good news: You, too, can take a trip to Paris with this sexy Parisian showgirl costume! You may not be French, but wearing some bold stripes and saying “Ooh la la” will convince even true French bread toting Parisians that you might as well be. This fun vintage-inspired costume comes with everything you need to rock a night on the town like a true French entertainer this Halloween.The costume starts with a sexy fitted dress that’s flattering in all the right places. The striped skirt of the dress is open at center-front and is longer in the back, while a large pink bow fastens to the back of the skirt and the underskirt has an elastic waist with ties at each side so you can adjust the length to your liking. You’ll polish off the look with a matching striped mini top hat that has a satin band with a white feather and black netting. Just remember, nothing makes a night more epic than can-caning into a party!


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