Pastease Silver Star Pasties


The Pastease Silver Star Pasties are easy peel and stick for effortless application.

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An Extra Twinkle, TwinkleDo you have secrets? It’s strange how a little, light secret can actually be a lot of fun. You’ve booked tickets for a different destination that you’ve never been to before. Or maybe you have a little tattoo that no one knows you have. Or perhaps you’ve got a secret goal that’s just yours and no one else’s. A desire to learn to weld or write a novel or save a million dollars and retire when you’re fifty. Having a secret adds an extra twinkle to your eyes. No one needs to know why it’s there, they just know that they see it. Add a whole new twinkle to your ensemble when you add these little stars under any outfit.Product DetailsThese stars are easy to apply, simply peel off the back and stick them where they need to go. Hypoallergenic silicone, these stars work for all sorts of occasions. Wear them in secret or add them to a brave, bare-it-all look and you’ll feel like the star you always knew you were. Waterproof and reusable, you’ll be able to apply these for all sorts of looks. From festivals to clubs and burlesque outfits, they’re sure to make a starry-eyed impression on your night!


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