Pastease Plus X Neon Red Cross Pasties


Accessorize your sexy nurse themed costume with these Pastease Plus X Neon Red Cross Pasties. Features neon red colored pastries cut into the shape of a X which can be turned to make a plus sign or a cross allowing for versality.

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X Marks the spotPasties have been a showgirl must-have since the 1920s. Designed as a way to skirt decency codes, it wasn’t long before the theatrically inclined began to have fun with the accessories! Burlesque dancers began to show up on stage in pasties bedecked with sequins, tassels, and sometimes both! Nowadays, you can find pasties of all shapes and colors to suit your needs, theatrical or otherwise. And you don’t even need any messy spirit glue! This “x” shape has been a staple pastie shape since the beginning. Use it to “mark the spot” or turn it into a cross for a classic nurse motif. And with this wild neon red color, you can be sure this modern take will add a dose of edgy fun to any ensemble!Product DetailsThese high-quality pasties are soft and adhere seamlessly to your skin. Designed to stay put despite any perking up underneath the pastie, you can be sure they will stay put and looking fresh as long as you want them to. The adhesive is even waterproof and silicon-free. Not to worry, though. Once you want to remove these crosses all you have to do is gently peel them off and they won’t even leave residue behind. Cover up with style when you add these pasties to any ensemble!


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