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Step out of the future or past with our Steampunk Top Hat. This hat features gears for that signature look.

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GET THOSE GEARS GOINGYou know when you’ve got a super good idea and it’s just working in your head? You can pretty much feel the brain cranking and grinding to bring that genius-level spark into a whole fiery production. Can practically feel the steam pouring from your ears and your eyes lighting up with excitement, yeah? That’s the inspiration of Steampunk calling to you. That perfect coupling of old style and new age innovation. It is time!DESIGN & DETAILSThis Steampunk Top Hat is the perfect thing to represent your creative flair. First, it was Made By Us, designed by our own Vintage Department of Futuristic Tech. It’s more a low-top hat than a full-on crazy top hat, but at 5.5″ tall, it gives you plenty of other styles you can wear it with. Really, you’re here for the differently shaped brass gears riveted into the hat, though. All we need next is to get them actually mechanically active! KNOCKED INTO A COCKED HAT?We’ll be honest. We had to look up that phrase. It means something has been destroyed and rendered useless. A rather funny way of saying “broken,” but what else can you expect of something as classy as Steampunk. Anyway, with the high-quality of this Top Hat, you can be sure it’ll stay non-cocked through the steam age!


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