Fishnet Stockings with Vinyl Tops


Feeling dangerous? These Fishnet Stockings with Vinyl Tops make sure everyone knows that your one tough and sexy girl.

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In noir movies, it’s usually not too difficult to pick out a troublemaker. They stick to the shadows, dress menacingly, and generally exude an air of danger. The real problem is when a good guy is faced with a woman who is alluring and seductive, and he does whatever she wants him to, even though it’s obviously going to get them into trouble. Many heroes have fallen for these infamous “femme fatales”, and that’s not very surprising when you see how they dress. Their style of choice is similar to these Vinyl Top Fishnet Stockings, and their outfits tend to be a subtle mixture of sophistication and lethality. These stockings are not for the timid; they are a sexy and confident style that can be a very powerful asset. You will be more than ready to bend men to your will, or break them if necessary.


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