Fever Lace Gothic Stand Up Collar


Make a statement this Halloween season with this Fever Gothic Lace Stand Up Collar. This black collar has lace all over it and stands up on it’s own. Add this to any Gothic look and complete your look!

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Elizabethan TwistPowdered skin, ample wigs, brocade dresses… we have to say the women in the Elizabethan era really had style. They didn’t hold anything back. Their skirts were so wide that they often had to enter a room sideways, though we’re sure they sidled in with grace! Now, we wouldn’t want to be held down by fifty pounds of silks and whalebone every day but that doesn’t mean we can’t steal a fashion tip or two from the 1500s. Wigs and cannon sleeves are out of the question. Let’s just go with the most fabulous accessory favored by the Queen herself! That’s right, the gorgeous lace collar. Whether you’re dressing up as a queen or a courtesan, you’re sure to feel as fabulous as those wigged ladies in the Tudor court!Product DetailsThis collar couldn’t be easier to slip on. The strings attached to the corners of the collar tie around your back to keep the collar upright. The pattern of the lace is intricate, accented by the stays to keep it stiff. Edged in scalloped lace, it dramatically frames your face. Pair this with a range of costumes from vampires to wicked royalty. No matter what you wear it with, you’re sure to have Queen Elizabeth’s approval!


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