Feathered Showgirl Costume for Women


This Feathered Showgirl Costume for women is an exclusive design that is both elegant and fun!

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Sick of the current social scene? Why not try another time period? Let’s party like it’s 1920! We understand that you’re getting tired of going to clubs and hearing the earsplitting EDM music. Not to mention, having to push through a barricade of grinding hipsters to get a drink at the bar isn’t a whole lot of fun either. However, we do think it would be nice to go back to the roaring ’20’s to party like a vintage-style movie star. Imagine this: everyone dressed to the nines in a swanky underground speakeasy. All the retro party guests would be doing the Charleston to the upbeat melodies of popular jazz music. Now, that sounds like a whole lot more fun than attempting to have a good time in a dance club full of sweaty people. If you’re looking to get your hands on a time machine so that you can party during Prohibition times, then this flapper inspired costume is perfect for you! Sadly, this costume does not possess the ability to send you back in time but it will make you look like you just stepped out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. The flattering little black ensemble features a high neckline, shimmering sequined and beaded appliques, and layered feathers which create a textured look. Just put on some long black gloves and a matching headpiece so you’ll be ready to celebrate like a true jazz vixen. This feathered showgirl costume will let you party with the Jay Gatsby’s of the world, because let’s be honest: you’re too glamorous for mainstream dance clubs!


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