Burgundy Steampunk – Hat


Accessorize your look perfectly this Halloween season with this Burgundy Steampunk Hat. This hat has every little detail you need to complete your costume!

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Waiting for StyleIt’s easy to tire oneself of modern technology — and style. We totally get it. Sometimes even state-of-the-art gadgets and gizmos look like cheap flashy junk. If you’re the type of gal that prefers brass, gears, and leather over plastic, LCDs, and wi-fi, then this Burgundy Steampunk Hat is just the accessory you need to reinvigorate your wardrobe before your next retro adventure!What exactly makes something “steampunk?” A lot of times, it’s something that you just know when you see it, but there’s definitely more to making something steampunk than slapping some valves on it and putting it on board a zeppelin. It’s a unique style that fuses Victorian Era fashion and sensibility with the loud, gritty, and dangerous look of the Industrial Revolution, which makes everything appear more exciting! For instance, would you want to drive your boring old car to work everyday if you could pilot a “pneumatic powered quad-wheeled auto-buggy” instead? Even though those are basically the same things, the second one sounds much cooler!Design & DetailsSame goes for this Burgundy Steampunk Hat, whose lacing, feathers, tulle wrap, and beaded details makes it nothing if not cool. The goggles have an elastic band to secure them to the hat, and the one size fits most noggins! Careful up there in the sky, adventurer — we hear that while the tech has advanced in Steampunkland, the safety measures haven’t.


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