Brown Steampunk Spats


These Brown Steampunk Spats are the perfect way to complete your Steampunk costume this year.

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Doing It for the DetailsSmoggy Victorian streets. Steam-powered machines built for weirdly specific purposes. Bustiers, boots, and bandoliers. You’re picking what we’re putting down, right? We’re talking steampunk style! Building a steampunk style is all about the little details, from the brass buttons on your shirt to the gold, interlocked chains hanging around your neck. And each person gets to curate their own look. How much fun is that?Costume DetailsA fine pair of Steampunk spats, this is the kind of lush detail that will give your costume a little polish. They fit over any pair of heels, securing over your shoes with corset-style ribbons. Gold gears and cogs are woven into the shining, brown material. Add them onto your already rad steampunk ensemble, and you’re sure to feel hot to trot!For the love of CogsSteampunk style is always a lot of fun to play with. You can always add and interchange aspects of your ensembles. Build a lush character with a rich background, or change up your character every time. It’s all up to you! These spats are only one element. Slip into them and you’ll be that make closer to good ol’ fashioned steam punk fun!


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