Black Fishnet Stockings for Women


From pirate wench to 1920’s Flapper, adding a pair of black fishnet stockings is a sexy and stylish way to complete your look. After Halloween season they’re a great accessory to wear with your casual wardrobe.

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Holy moly! We don’t want to be the ones to tell you this but… there are an awful lot of holes in your tights!Fishnet stockings are the only kind of tights that look great with holes. If you’re wearing your opaque navy blue tights and you get a snag in them, then you might as well kiss those pair of stockings goodbye. But if you get a snag in your fishnets? No problem, don’t even sweat it. No one will notice the tear because it will simply blend in with the netting! For that reason alone, we can see why these kind of tights are the most popular. However, there is even more to love because they also look great with any costume you choose to pair them with! These black fishnet stockings are a perfect pair of classic sexy tights that will look great with a witch’s costume, kitty costume, police officer costume, a rock star costume. You can really wear this cute accessory with just about any costume that you can imagine. Just make sure that you have a pair of black heels in your closet and you’ll be ready to strut your stuff!


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