Adult White Fishnet Stockings


Titillate his imagination with a pair of sexy White Fishnet Stockings. They’re a great way to stop his eyes and his heart. Embrace your new leg candy!

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Walk with wowing confidence when wearing these white tights! Wow that was a lot of words that start with W, and in all reality, we really just wanted to see if we could form a complete sentence! Fashion has never been as easy as it is with these universal pair of white fishnets! If you’re searching for a classy yet provocative look, a pair of these Sexy White Fishnets are just the thing you are looking for. These sensual nylons are an easy, yet subtle way to spice up any costume. Don’t be afraid to strut your stuff in a pair of essential fishnets! Whether you want to be a sexy nurse or a sultry sailor, these stockings will work for you! You can even throw them on for a unique spin on a flapper.


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