Burlesque Vintage Clothing & Pin-up Glam

The revival of burlesque as an art form and fashion trend has been around for several years, but the ubiquity of the Internet has led to an explosion of options for people looking for the ideal burlesque vintage clothing outfit for their parties, acts or … Read More

6 Awesome Things About Vintage Shops

A typical high street: glass-fronted shops sell the same goods by the same brands. The same people wear whatever is prescribed by television fashion ‘gurus’ that given day. Then, amid the monotony, they approach. She wears a polka dot swing dress, red lipstick and an … Read More

Rockabilly, Pin-up, Bettie Page Clothing

Rockabilly Clothing Rockabilly clothing has been around ever since the birth of rock and roll and has been revived several times over the years. Although many different fashion crazes come and go over the years, rockabilly clothes remain popular and have been capturing the imagination … Read More

Vintage Dresses – Prom, Bridal, Bridesmaid

Whether you scour thrift stores and vintage boutiques for original items, or prefer the clean crisp feel of reproductions, there is something immensely satisfying about collecting vintage dresses. In this post we’re going to look at vintage dresses; in the 20th Century, bridal and bridesmaid … Read More

Vintage Shoes, Bags, & Jewellery

From swing dance shoes to funky disco vintage boots, here is your guide to the changing styles of vintage shoes: Best Foot Forward – Vintage Shoes The roaring 1920’s signaled the end of World War I and the world was filled with a heady optimism. … Read More

Britain’s Mods of the 1960s

Britain’s Mods of the 1960s were a reaction to the austerity that lingered on in the post war era. The style began in London and spread throught the UK. England in the 1950s was a pretty drab place to be. Still in the shadow of … Read More

Vintage Hats & Handbags

Vintage outfits enable women to escape to an era that reflects their own outlook and personality. Possibly the most important part of the outfit is co-ordinating vintage hats and handbags. The early years of the twentieth century led from the highly-structured wide-brimmed hats of the … Read More

Vintage Dresses – 1940s & 1950s

These days it’s quite normal to find many different dress styles in the same decade. Vintage dresses are fairly commonplace today.. The 1940s were less complicated, at least from a fashion point of view, and dresses followed one of two main styles. Until 1947, they … Read More

Vintage Fashion 1940s & 1950s

The 1940s was the decade of the Second World War. We were either in the midst of the bloodiest conflict in history, or living with its aftermath. The War ended in 1945, but it had a profound impact on fashion, and this lasted until the … Read More