Corset Lingerie, Waist Cinchers – 24 Beautiful Types

Here is a your complete guide to corset lingerie, from basques to waspies we describe 24 different types and styles of these ever-popular garments. Basques The basque corset is a popular item of lingerie. Those who are interested in the fashion of the Victorian era … Read More

1950s Fashion, Music, Hair, Homes

The Fifties was the decade in which the austerity of wartime rapidely receded to be replaced by wealth and growth that resulted burgeoning 1950s fashion. 1950s Britain The 1950s were a turning point for British culture. Beginning with Labour’s defeat by the Conservative Party in … Read More

1960s Fashion, Music, Hair, Homes

1960s fashion remains as vivid today as it was when it first appeared. The 1960s was the decade in which strong currents of change and mind expansion swirled through society, culture, art, and music. 1960s Britain Britain in the sixties was akin to a man … Read More

1980s Fashion, Music, Hair, Homes

1980s fashion is probably best rembered for its big hair, big shoulder pads, and even bigger blockbuster gigs, grooves, and TV shows. 1980s Britain The 1980s encompassed ten years that would come to change the world into a modern place. There have been several turning … Read More

1970s Fashion, Music, Hair, Homes

1970s fashion was a mixed bag of glam and punk rock, from the post hippie era of the Swinging Sixties to the emergence of New Wave Romantics at the end of the decade. 1970s Britain The 1970s in Britain was a time of change. More … Read More

Burlesque Accessories

Once you’ve chosen a burlesque costume, it’s time to put the finishing touches on it by choosing some accessories. Burlesque accessories can turn a good costume into a great one. Properly used, they can also add to a performance. Some accessories are so much a … Read More

7 1950s Fashion Designers Still Influencing Us Today

Just as today’s music is a product of past influences so too is fashion. Here are seven of the 1950s fashion designers still influencing us today. Christian Dior as a turning point in Fashion Christian Dior, born in Granville, Normandy, was an influential fashion designer … Read More

Burlesque Vintage Clothing & Pin-up Glam

The revival of burlesque as an art form and fashion trend has been around for several years, but the ubiquity of the Internet has led to an explosion of options for people looking for the ideal burlesque vintage clothing outfit for their parties, acts or … Read More

6 Awesome Things About Vintage Shops

A typical high street: glass-fronted shops sell the same goods by the same brands. The same people wear whatever is prescribed by television fashion ‘gurus’ that given day. Then, amid the monotony, they approach. She wears a polka dot swing dress, red lipstick and an … Read More