Corset Lingerie

Corset Lingerie, Waist Cinchers – 24 Beautiful Types

Here is a your complete guide to corset lingerie, from basques to waspies we describe 24 different types and styles of these ever-popular garments.


The basque corset is a popular item of lingerie. Those who are interested in the fashion of the Victorian era seek out the basque for an alternative to the classic corset. An adaptation of the traditional basque dress, the basque corset generally features a ruffled peplum accent around the waist to elongate the garment. The basque is form fitting but may not compress the wearer’s torso as dramatically as the typical Victorian corset.

While traditional corsets can dramatically shape the wearer’s figure, the basque style is snug but constructed with more relaxed fabric. Basque corsets are generally made to enhance the wearer’s silhouette and may be worn as a top or under clothing for a slimming look.

The basque corset is lightly lined with flexible boning in comparison to the more rigid style of the traditional corset. The basque may be decorated with lace material for a delicate look. This style can be fastened with lace up ties or clasps to fit the wearer’s torso. The closures may be in the front or back of the garment. The basque corset generally has built-in cups for a gentle lift to the wearer’s bust.

Occasionally referred to as a ‘torsolette,’ the basque corset is categorized by its emphasized length and fit. This item can be found with spaghetti straps, sleeves, or designed in a strapless variety. The basque corset may feature garter straps to be worn with stockings.

The basque style can be found in plus sizes with large cups for fuller figured wearers. Basques are generally worn for both style and comfort with minimal shaping effects. The basque is a smoothing garment and traditionally more flexible than a classic corset. Basques are a favorite for decorative purposes and many wearers utilize this garment for lingerie or part of a costume.

Bravissimo Ladies Sexy Black Satin Boned Basque/Corset (32G)
  • Beautiful stunningly sexy satin black Basque by Bravissimo
  • underwired Cups, Adjustable Bra straps, boned bodice and adjustable hook and eyes at the back
  • Suspenders are attached but can be removed. Very pretty Bow and Pearl detail and lovely silver lace trim at the hips and sides
  • This item really is beautifully made and normally retails for £55.00.
  • The perfect festive gift for the lady in your life, or indeed for yourself ladies!.

Bridal Corset

If your wedding day is approaching and you have been searching for the perfect undergarment for your bridal dress, you may want to consider a bridal corset. This design offers a snug fit that you need under a wedding dress, giving you ultimate support through the tummy area. This type of corset provides extra support under the breasts, complementary to many bridal dress styles, from scoop necks to halters. Because there are no sleeves or straps involved, this type of corset lingerie pairs well with off-the-shoulder or sleeveless bridal gowns.

From full busted to push-up to underwire, finding the right fit and support is key. That is why it’s important to plan ahead and put some thought into this crucial part of your bridal gown look. Do not neglect the corset till the last minute, thinking they are all the same. They each have unique features that are better suited to different body shapes and sizes. Designed to slim down your waist area, you want to look for a corset that cinches tight to avoid bunching once you have your dress on.

Often made of spandex and other flexible materials, bridal corsets are designed to give you the utmost comfort on your wedding day yet provide the support you are going to need to get through the long hours effortlessly. Slimming the waist yet pushing the bust up, bridal corsets typically come in white, to complement the white or off white of a traditional bridal gown.

You have a range of options when it comes to materials, from lace and satin to sheer and sequins. Many come with attachments to clip onto a garter belt, which holds your thigh highs in place. You can often purchase the whole package, together with the panties as well, to complete the entire look. A bridal corset is a must-have accessory under your gown for the ultimate in style and support.

Dominique Bridal Bra Bustier Torsolette 8949, White, 40DD
  • Beautiful satin and lace bridal basque
  • Longer length / torsolette style provides great shaping and control
  • Light spiral steel boning slims and cinches the waist, curves the hips and flattens the tummy
  • Back of basque sits approximately 1" below where your bra band would si
  • Please note the F cup size is the equivalent of a UK E Cup

Brocade Corset

With more bulk and rich fabrics, brocade corsets offer something a bit more than your traditional corset. Brocade is a thick, richly vibrant cloth, typically featuring silks and colourful threads. This woven technique is highly ornamental in nature, providing a stiff ornamental fabric that can be worn on its own or under a garment. However, its distinct style coupled with its heavy fabric and texture, lends itself to a stand-alone piece for aesthetic appeal.

Often featuring hook and eye closures, clasps or lacing, brocade corsets can shape the body to slim down the waist and push up the bust. When paired with dress pants or a long flowing dress, it harkens back to a Byzantium age when brocade fabric was a luxury worn only by nobility. Because silk was in such short supply, brocade fabric was a close second, offering the look of silk yet not the price tag. Today, brocade, damask and tapestry fabrics — referred to as jacquard patterns — appear not only in corset lingerie fashion but also in the form of tapestries and draperies.

The signature look of brocade lends itself well to the appeal of corsets. Often available in rich deep colours such as jade, red, gold and black, brocade can be paired with velvet or other trimmings to bring out the decorative nature of the piece. From underline brocade corsets to steel-boned corsets, this sturdy fabric is designed to withstand the test of time.

More ornate and elaborate than their silk, satin or lace counterparts, brocade corsets deliver a beautiful accent to any womanly figure. Often accented by satin or lace trim, this design of corset lingerie is a specialty subset of the corset family. For a strong, beautiful, long-lasting look, choose brocade to wear under your evening wear or as a top itself paired with elegant flowing dress or slacks.

Orchard Corset CS-426 Standard Underbust Womens Corset Black Brocade - Size 38
  • Standard and Plus Size Corset. Beautiful waist trainer corset designed for both new and dedicated waist training. Women’s corset features heavy duty construction is an excellent choice for that classic hourglass shape.
  • Perfect for those looking for a stylish solution for back pain or back support. Our steel boned corsets provide solid structure to your middle and lower back, providing posture correction and support at home or work.
  • 100% Premium Polybrocade Outer Fabric
  • Average Torso Length; Dimensions: 10.5" Front Center / 11.75" Back / 10.25" Side
  • 24 Flat and Spiral Steel Bones; Waist Tape Reinforcement for Enhanced Waist Training

Burlesque Corset

Designed to make a bold statement, burlesque corsets feature design accents such as vibrant colours, sheer finishes, feathers and ruching. This type of corset design is a throwback to the times of burlesque dancers from the 1940s, although its history dates to the Victorian Era. This form-fitting flattering lingerie piece was worn by women to dance on stage in speakeasies and other similar clubs.

With flashy accents and bold colours, the burlesque look incorporated a body-hugging design coupled with a corset and garter belt. The extravagant lingerie, paired with panties and stockings, caught the attention of those in the audience even from far away.

Today, burlesque corsets are in no less demand, with celebrities and rock stars still emulating the look. As a tribute to the burlesque art form, this type of corset can be worn in the bedroom or even as clothing when paired with the right bottoms. Many costumes at Halloween feature the burlesque look as well. But it probably got its most appeal as lingerie, perhaps paired with a sheer robe trimmed in fur or feathers. Designed to highlight the female body, burlesque corsets easily accentuate a woman’s curves, whether on the stage or off.

Today, burlesque corsets may add in a few more details, such as frilly thongs and hip huggers, thigh high stockings and garters, and flattering robes, skirts and sleek gloves to enhance the overall look. They often are available in push up and underwire styles to give the bust a lift, while slimming the waist down a bit at the same time. While most are sleeveless, some come in halter or off-the-shoulder styles. Often sold in dark or vibrant colours, from red to black to purple, burlesque corsets fit the bill when you want something alluring with a touch of historical flair.

Charmian Women's Burlesque Vintage Fashion Classic Satin Halter Bustier Corset Top with Zipper Purple XX-Large
  • Please check our size chart on each color's left size pictures, instead of Amazon size chart; Choose the size based on your bust and waist size. Please don't compare the size with general clothes' size.
  • Burlesque vintage corset, is made of smooth satin fabric, skin-friendly and gentle. The lace trim is decorated on the edge of the sweetheart bust line. The ribbon bowknot fixed on the front of the central bodice, which looks romantic and flattering. Both side riband extended to become the halter design. It is time to wear it on and show off your beautiful clavicle and shoulder!
  • The halter corset has padded bra cup, hold and push up your breast and not deformed, make it full and sexy. It also attached 14 plastic bones to form internal structure and support, in the meantime, shape your waist.
  • The zipper closure is at the side to help you wear or take off quickly. Lace-up at the back is helpful to adjust the size. Two rows little ribbons are gathered in the center looks like an inverted triangle, full of enthusiastic and attractive, take you to a generous and elegant world.
  • Occasions: themed party, performance show, costume cosplay, Victorian or vintage themed party, club, burlesque party, fashion show, etc. Garment Care: Hand wash separately in cold water, do not use machine.

Corset Lingerie – Bustiers

Bustiers are undergarments worn by women as lingerie. They cover the bust and waist, sometimes touching the tops of the hips or buttocks. Most bustiers are sleeveless and strapless but can sometimes include thin, lacy straps. Some are equipped with garter belts as well. Pronounced “BOOST-ee-yay,” it “boosts” the appearance of the breasts by pushing them upward while gently shaping the waist. Modern bustiers use mesh panels as opposed to the boning used in the garments of the early 20th century.

There are only a few distinctions between a bustier and a corset. It could be argued that the the primary purpose of a bustier is to enhance the appearance of the breasts while its secondary purpose is the shape the torso. The reverse is true for the corset. For this reason, bustiers tend to be shorter and more flexible than corsets.

Corsets were developed over one thousand years ago for the express purpose of shaping and sculpting the torso for either aesthetic or medical reasons. They use stiff cotton fabric such cotton coutil and plastic or steel boning to accomplish this. Many corsets do not even cover the bust, stopping just underneath the breasts. These are known as under-bust corsets while their counterparts are called over-bust corsets. Bustiers always cover the breasts and so have no need for this distinction.

Bustiers and corsets also have different subcategories. There is a truly short bustier made of two, wrapable garments known as stays that is period specific. It was once used for riding and medical purposes but is now just considered a different type of bustier. The term “long-line bustier” is sometimes used to distinguish a traditional bustier from a stay. Short corsets are called “waist cinchers” as their main job is to whittle the waist to a remarkably high degree.

Corset Satin Overbust Lace up Busiter Shapewear Outfit - Black - S
  • Strong enough to be used as a boneless training corset, this product increases heat activity and gently lifts the underbust, controls the abdomen with a simple donning, takes inches off your waist and creates an hourglass figure and promotes quick recovery after birth.
  • These fashion corsets are perfect for parties,Halloween costumes,cosplay,club, wedding,a night out, or just a bedroom lingerie. It will make you look and feel amazing.
  • The tightness can be adjusted with the ribbon lace up back.
  • If you have any questions after you order it,please contact us and we would like to do our best to help.
  • If the dress is not through, no damage, no taste, no tag removed, no more than the Amazon return time, you can get your dress back,we'll give you a refund.


To get more full-body coverage that you just can’t get with a standard corset, you may want to consider a corselette. This undergarment, taking functionality points from brassieres, girdles and bustiers, takes thing a step further with a longer addition of material to cover the torso and upper thighs. First made popular in the early 1900s in women’s fashion, this undergarment was a welcome, time-saving alternative to the two-piece combo of a bra and girdle or corset.

Typically featuring shoulder straps and a simple design, corselettes are meant to push up the bust, while slimming down the tummy and keeping the upper thighs and torso tight as well. For women who need that extra support at the buttocks level, this is the perfect addition to your lingerie closet. Offering all-in-one body shaping and control, the corselette gives you that smooth look you’re going for.

There are many variations on the standard corselette. Some taper down into tight-fitting shorts, while others simple extend to the upper thigh, attaching to a garter belt or knee highs with the necessity of a separate pair of panties. Other models have panties built in. Often featuring full breast cups for the support of the full-breasted gal, corselettes provide an all-over slimming and support, perfect for under dresses or gowns. Its functionality lies in the fact that it’s usually all one piece, making it easy to take on and off.

They are available in a variety of colours, most notably white, nude and black for the most in versatility. They are also available in vintage designs or modern designs, depending on your personal style and intended usage. Ideal for either everyday wear or occasional use, the corselette represents a fuller-support version of the corset family. Get the control you crave with the snug corselette, a sturdy, functional addition to your wardrobe.

What Katie Did Corselette Firm Control Vintage Glamour Corselette Peach
  • Adore the retro style of this glamour nouveau peach corselette, combining satin cups and front panel with sheer powermesh sides and back.
  • 6 suspender straps.
  • Hook and eye front fastening.
  • Vintage stitching on cups provides the finishing touch.

Corset Dresses

Corset dresses feature corset laces and finished grommets built into the bodice of the dress itself. These full-service gowns don’t require additional fittings to be worn over them or undergarments to support a wearer’s ample bosom. These dresses come in a wide variety of styles and colours, so most women can find one to suit their specific needs. Some corset dresses lace up the back while others feature a simpler do-it-yourself, up-the-front lacing option.

Corset dresses flatter most figures. Their versatile styling and convenient design make them popular for weddings, and they are often worn by brides as well as members of the wedding party. With corset dresses, no one has to endure the discomfort of a girdle beneath her outer garments.

These dresses also make great prom attire and have been spotted on the dance floor at many school dances. Corset dresses come in long, flowing, ornate styles as well as shorter, trendy, modern designs, so you can find one to wear to a trendy club or high school dance as well as one to wear to a themed party. A corset dress with a short, flared skirt can be paired with lace-up boots for a quirky, Goth look. Lace-up-the-front corset dresses with long skirts work perfectly for Renaissance fair actors who need to make quick changes or have to get dressed without assistance from someone else.

Like all corsets, corset dresses are designed to cinch the waist and emphasize the bust. With a corset dress, women get the figure-shaping advantage of a corset or girdle without having to wear multiple layers of clothing. Unlike the girdle, corset dresses can also be loosened or tightened as necessary.

Steampunk Corset Dress for Women Off Shoulder Blouse Corset Top with Gothic Skirt 3 Piece Outfits - - 10/12 UK (XXL) (Waist 32/33")
  • 3 Piece Steampunk Corset Dress:Gothic Corset with Women's Off the Shoulder Ruffles Blouse Shirt Top and The Pirate Steampunk High Low Skirt.Three Piece set ,Women Victorian Cosplay Costume Dress.
  • Steampunk gothic vintage corset, waist training punk corset,lace up back,perfect corset for punk, goth, cyberpunk, burlesque, cosplay, pirate outfit, cocktail, prom, pageant evening party dresses etc.
  • Off the Shoulder Renaissance Gothic Blouse Shirt is perfect for match with overbust or underbust steampunk corset, jeans, shorts, skirt and so on,this Gothic Boho Tops are suitable for Renaissance festivals and plays, Dating, Evening, Cocktail Party, Wedding Party and Daily Wear.
  • Steampunk Skirt, Asymmetrical high low length, zipper closure at back, lace floral trim overlay the whole skirt, make you beautiful and elegant to wear it.Gothic steampunk style skirt, perfect match with steampunk corsets and Renaissance blouse Top.
  • Applicable:3 Piece Steampunk Corset Dress Costume perfect for Wedding, Halloween, clubbing, cosplay, stage performance,intimate or naughty occasions.Look like the Pirate Costume,Steampunk Costume,Renaissance Costume, Victorian Costume Dress, Moulin Rouge Dress, Burlesque Dancer Clothing.

Corset Tops

When searching for support for the chest and mid-section area, look no further than a corset top. This undergarment is a more relaxed, lighter alternative to the full corset, offering greater flexibility yet with some level of support for the chest. Today’s corset tops are usually more decorative in nature rather than providing the strict support they were designed to offer historically. Any lacing or boning these days is purely decorative, but they are still used under bridal and other formal gowns or as stand-alone lingerie pieces.

Many come with attachments for garter belts to provide an overall aesthetic appeal for women. Corset tops can even be worn as clothing, with the right decorative accents such as laces, bows and even the addition of straps for more support.

Available in push-up and underwire styles, the corset top can come in many different materials, from satin and denim to lace and leather. Perfect for wearing underneath a formal dress or gown, corset tops, also known as bustiers, can complement a plunging neckline or scoop neckline due to their strapless qualities. Some corset tops worn as clothing feature halter top styles, while others feature a strapless look for showing off sun-kissed shoulders in the summer. They tend to pair well with a variety of bottoms, from slacks and jeans to skirts and even capris, depending on the look you’re going for.

Corset tops can either be pulled on over the head, or they can be zipped, buttoned or laced up for better cinching. In terms of style and design, some mimic a vintage 1920s-era style while others are distinctly Victorian in appearance. Some are seamless while others feature plenty of accoutrements such as lace, tiny buttons, bows, sequins and zippers. Corset tops give the wearer a bit more confidence in her style, offering some support up top while slimming the waist down.

SheIn Women's Plain Ruffle Strap Knot Front Backless Cute Cami Crop Top Bralette - White - Large
  • Material: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex, the fabric is very stretchy
  • Ruffle trim detail, V-neck, self bow tie front, sexy and cute look
  • Occasion: beach, night out, vacation, home, club, great to pair skirts, shorts, outwears
  • Model Measurements: Height: 173cm / 5'8", Bust: 86cm / 34", Waist: 64cm / 25", Hip: 89cm / 35".Wear:S
  • Please refer to the size chart below

Corset Lingerie – Girdles

In the corset lingerie family, the girdle is an undergarment that provides support particularly for the lower torso, where it encircles the hip and tummy area for a slimming effect. This garment may extend to the hips and upper thighs as well. Providing a slimming and supportive effect similar to compression shorts, a girdle can be worn under clothing of all kinds, particular dresses and skirts. Historically, the girdle consisted of a simple textile in the shape of a belt. Extending from the waist to the thighs, modern girdles feature flexible materials, typically fastened with hooks.

This figure-enhancing undergarment comes in a variety of styles, such as the panty girdle, which can be used in conjunction with clips for garter belts to hold up stockings. An essential part of any woman’s lingerie closet between the 1920s to the 1960s, girdles are still worn today but with modern conveniences.

Girdles come in many materials, from lycra to spandex, designed to fit snugly against the body but yet provide a certain level of control and movement. Some are open bottom while others are closed. They typically extend over the belly button and up to the chest, resting well below the bust. Girdles differ from traditional corsets in that they do not have breast cups or offer bust support of any kind.

You can often buy girdles in matching sets with brassieres, stockings and garter belts. They can also be purchased piece meal. These durable undergarments are a favorite of women everywhere for their versatility and slimming qualities. Gone are the days of super restrictive girdles that didn’t breathe. Today, girdles contour to your body and allow you to carry on your daily activities normally without feeling restricted. Girdles come with lace overlays, and may feature buttons, clips, bows and more to accent the design.

BRABIC Postpartum Girdle High Waist Control Panties for Women Butt Lifter Belly Slimming Body Shaper Underwear - beige - Medium
  • 【Providing Firm Compression on Your Abdomen】High waist designed for women postpartum girdles corset give you strong tummy control, reduce the belly fat, smooth bumps and bulges on your tummy and waist , help you get back original figure.
  • 【Speed Up Post-delivery Recovery】 The postpartum shapewear abdominal blinder plus size works great for postpartum mum and C-Section people, this c-section support body shaper will help you reduce swelling, relieve wound pain, speed up incision healing.
  • 【Tighten Bottom & Lift Butt】 Our women Tummy Control Panties can be used as butt lifter shapewear. High waist seamless underwear can fasten your buttocks and lift your hips, make your butt look bigger and sexier.
  • 【Unique Designed】The slimming cincher has 2 row of hook in front to adjust the size to fit as you need and 3 row of hook in crotch for easy bathroom use. The belly corset also has 4 steel bones in the waist part, gives you back support, relieves back pain, corrects your posture and prevent the girdle from rolling.
  • 【Healthy Wear & Snug Fit】The recovery girdle is made of comfortable seamless material, gives you skinny touch and not to dig into your ribs. It features moisture wicking. Idea for firm control tummy under any type of clothes on any occasion without any discomfort.

Gothic Corset

A Gothic corset is often primarily black, red, or a combination of the two. Some may be midnight blue or deep purple accented with black. They are fashioned in both over and under bust designs, may be laced in the front or the back, are usually boned with plastic or metal — steel being the most ideal material because it allows for tighter lacing — and are created using fabrics such as silk, satin, brocade, velvet, and taffeta.

Black lace is a go-to decorative component on a Gothic corset, and can be incorporated as an overlay on some or all of the panels, as trimmings on any edges of the corset, or as a short, slight ruffle covering a few rows of the boning. Occasionally, lace is the only element stretched over the side or front panels of the corset, allowing the wearer’s skin to show through.

Whether faux or genuine, black leather frequently appears as an element of this garment as well. While it is often found in side panels, it is not uncommon for a Gothic corset to be made entirely of leather.

Metal accents on a Gothic corset will usually be silver, including spikes, grommets, or Victorian-style metal buttons. Busks, the front closures present on many corsets, Gothic and otherwise, are frequently allowed to peek through the small gap in the middle of the garment and serve as accents to the piece.

Bows on this type of corset are small, thin, dark, and often appear only once so as not to overwhelm the simple, elegant design of the piece with childish frilliness, for the overall look of the Gothic corset is meant to bestow the wearer with a sense of dangerous, seductive dominance and beauty.

Alivila.Y Fashion Womens Vintage Floral Denim Overbust Corset Bustier Top - - XL
  • Great for waist training, costume and fashion corset. This corset gives you firm muscle control and instant waist reduction.
  • Boning: 2 Steel bars adjacent to the front busk, 12 Supporting Plastic Bones. Front Design: Busk Closure. Back Design: Lace-Up.
  • Boning: 12 Supporting Plastic Bones. Front Design: Busk Closure. Back Design: Lace-Up.
  • Center Front Length: 14". Length from Top to Hem: 16". Center Back: 12". Modesty Panel at Back: 5"
  • The Corset is lined in cotton material for durablity and support, and protect the exterior fabric.

Lace Corset

Corsets can be worn under an outfit but if they are cute enough, they are sometimes worn as tops. Corsets are often used as pieces in lingerie and outfits for adult use as well. According to Wikipedia, “a corset is a garment worn to hold and shape the torso into a desired shape for aesthetic or medical purposes (either for the duration of wearing this item, or with a more lasting effect. Both men and women are known to wear corsets.”

When deciding to wear a corset, one has many different designs to choose from including silk, satin, and lace. Lace corsets can make a fashion statement itself. Depending on the mood of the wearer, lace corsets can be casual, sexy, formal, or edgy. They can be worn paired with cute panties to make an exciting evening with your lover, or they can be part of wedding dresses or prom dresses.

Corsets usually fall under the category of shapewear because of their shaping abilities. They help to hold everything in place where normally it would “jiggle.” Some lace corsets lace up in the back while others lace up in the front for easier use. Even easier than that are the corsets that have zippers instead of the lace-ups.

Some corsets come decorated in an array of different styles. Some of the styles include strapless, gothic, medieval, Eighteenth Century, sultry, sexy, and formal. The corsets can be decorated with studs, rhinestones, glitter, lace, acrylic, polyester, cotton, and various types of fasteners and snaps to hold the corset in place.

No matter what the occasion may be, there is a lace corset appropriate for wearing to the event. No matter the audience, there is a lace corset to catch the eyes of everyone around. No matter what you buy it for, you will never regret buying a lace corset.

Alivila.Y Fashion Lace Corset 2001 with G-String-Cream-S
  • Back Design: Lace-up
  • Every item is tagged with Alivila.Y Fashion Tag. Condition: New with Alivila.Y Fashion tag

Leather Corset

Leather is bigger and better than ever before. Leather garments can be worn in a variety of settings and can have high or low impact, as the wearer desires. Gone are the days when leather was worn mostly as chaps by bikers or cowboys. Even “good girls” can wear leather but don’t let that keep your “bad girl” from surfacing from time to time.

Ladies, have you considered purchasing a leather garment? From leather jackets, boots, to sexy accessories there are an endless amount of choices that will assist you to put a little zip and zest into your life. Have fun online and see what is out there. Go to a leather shop and touch and feel (and smell!) the leather goods available. Wear leather head to toe, or show just a little peeping out from another part of your outfit.

Leather as corset. Is anything sexier than a leather corset? All black, colours, black and white…the choices are limitless. One thing is for sure; leather has never been sexier. Just putting on a leather corset will make the woman wearing it feel many things are possible.

Leather corsets come with buckles laces, tie strings and zippers. One sexy look is a leather corset worn as a top with pants (maybe even leather pants!). The leather corset should fit snugly as it will give some with time and wear. Keep in mind that leather can create sweat but that might just add more dimension to your night on the dance floor or out on the town.

Leather is always in style. It retains its value. It gets better with age. It looks good at most any (adult) age. Have fun with leather and bring out your wild side.

Alivila.Y Fashion Sexy Vintage Faux Leather Underbust Corset Bustier 2672A with G-String-Black-XL/Bust:36-38inch Waist:30-32inch
  • Material: Faux leather
  • Back Design: Lace-up
  • If you are not sure about it, please contact us or email us with your bust, waist, length from shoulder to hem and hips measurement.
  • Every corset is tagged with Alivila.Y Fashion Tag. Condition: New with Alivila.Y Fashion tag

Merry Widows

A merry widow, sometimes called a torsolette, is a variation on the familiar corset, made famous by Lana Turner in the 1952 film The Merry Widow. Lingerie company Warner’s created an undergarment to tie in with the movie’s release and debuted their flirtatious–albeit practical–number two days after the New York premiere, naming it after the boudoir outfit Turner sports in the film. T

ypically incorporating a mix of lace, silk, brocade, or velvet fabrics, the merry widow is best suited for formal occasions, worn under a wedding gown for example, or for sexy, stand-alone lingerie. The often-strapless foundation piece is designed to create a voluptuous hourglass figure–a smooth, nipped-in waist accentuated by the curve of the hips and an enhanced, lifted bust.

While often compared to corsets, merry widows do have some significant differences. While both feature rigid boning in stiff fabrics, the merry widow fits a little easier and does not fasten as tightly as a typical corset, which usually laces tautly up the back. Merry widows generally fasten with hidden zippers or hook-and-eye closures instead.

Merry widows fit from the chest down just to the top of the hips and are shorter than most corsolettes, but still fit snugly over the waist and rib cage. Another unique feature of the merry widow is the addition of bra-style demi-cups; many such garments are also designed with long garter straps for attaching hosiery.

If purchasing a torsolette to wear beneath a formal gown, match fabrics (satin for satin–lace for lace) for a smoother outward appearance. Due to the zipper closures, merry widows do not adjust easily. They are generally sold according to bra size; be certain of your exact size, or better yet, try a few on before ordering to get a feel for the best comfort and fit.

SZIVYSHI Women Gothic Vintage Steampunk Sexy Boned Lace Overbust Satin Shoulder Strap Corset Bustier Top Black S
  • Please refer to the sixth picture on the left for the size chart.
  • Wear Occasion:Halloween/Christmas Costume, Cosplay Party, Sexy Lingerie or Simply Daily Outfit,During your Diet, Gym Workout.Also, you can Wear it as a Fashionable
  • Features with the printing pattern, Steel Busk closure front and lace up on back, Plastic boning to support,comfortable satin corset,It fully show the lines of the waist and chest.fresh color with some special details design makes your sexy and can suit any occasion as you like,whether you are attending a party event or for waist training, this corset will bring out the best of you
  • A beautiful piece for your collection, the corset is boned for support with high quality workmanship and high quality satin material to sculpt an hourglass figure for an alternative outfit a night out
  • Wash care: Hand wash in warm water, wash separately, do not wring dry, lay flat to dry or hang over hanger

Overbust Corset

Train your waist or show off your figure in one of our body-shaping overbust corsets. An overbust corset, as with any corset, surrounds your torso and typically reshapes it into an hourglass form. Unlike an underbust corset that starts under your breasts and extends down to your hips, an overbust corset starts from underneath your upper arms, covers or partially covers your breasts and then extends down to the top or slightly over your hips.

An overbust corset can be a waist-training corset with multiple panels and steel- or plastic- boning and metal busks made specifically for waist slimming, or merely a fashion accessory with or without boning or busks that mimics the appearance of traditional overbust corset lingerie designs. An overbust corset can also serve other functional purposes. Some people use an overbust corset as a medical device to provide support after a back injury. Attached to garters, an overbust corset anchors and helps hold up stockings.

Our overbust corsets are perfect for any occasion. Whether you want a lacy, white overbust corset for under a wedding, prom or other event dress, a single-color corset to accent a jacket or a sexy, black leather corset for a night in, you can find the right overbust corset to fit your needs from our wide selection of colours, materials and styles.

We offer many popular traditional and modern overbust corset materials, including brocade, cotton, lace, satin and leather. Our shoulderless and strap overbust bone and boneless corsets come in plain and highly decorative designs that feature back, side or front lacing, hook-and-eye and/or zipper closures.

Whatever your tastes, our overbust corsets also offer a variety of purely decorative accents, including decorative ribbon front-lacing, embroidered patterns, distinctive lace designs, bows, zippers and buckles; as well as smooth, scalloped, lace and bow edging.

Orchard Corset CS-511 Womens Mesh Overbust Original Steel Boned Waist Training Corset - Black - 32" (Waist 38/ 42")
  • Standard and Plus Size Corset. Beautiful waist trainer corset designed for both new and dedicated waist training. Women’s corset features heavy duty construction is an excellent choice for that classic hourglass shape.
  • Perfect for those looking for a stylish solution for back pain or back support. Our steel boned corsets provide solid structure to your middle and lower back, providing posture correction and support at home or work.
  • Dimensions: 15.5" Front / 16.5" Center Bust/ 13" Back / 14" Side
  • 16 flat & spiral steel bones; 100% Cotton Boning Channels & Modesty Panel
  • Extreme Curve Silhouette; Waist Tape Reinforcement for Enhanced Waist Training

Satin Corset

Lingerie fashion can vary from practical to very sexy, and no other garment embraces this idea like a corset. One of the most versatile corsets is the satin corset. Because of its shiny, glossy sheen, satin can look incredibly refined and classy. Soft to the touch and sensual, satin invites touch and feels wonderful against the skin.

Since satin is such a refined choice, you can have fun when choosing the color and details of the corset without sacrificing any elegance. In a solid black, a satin corset creates a simple, elegant silhouette. In fire engine red, it creates a playful, sexy look that can be played up with additional lingerie pieces or kept simple with other basics.

A white satin corset creates an innocent look that is both classic and sexy. Basic satin provides a soft texture, clean lines, and the sensual feel that most women and their partners love. You will have the freedom to pair a simple, satin corset with other elegant pieces to create a classic, beautiful silhouette.

Satin corsets do not have to be simple, though. There are many satin corsets with beautiful detailing, cutouts, or accents that are designed to both enhance a woman’s curves and create excitement. Satin corsets come in a variety of unique and fun colours, patterns, and styles. Because satin is so soft and sheer, a woman does not need to sacrifice her comfort even when wearing something so exciting and sexy.

Satin corsets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for full coverage, need an elegant foundation garment, or want something fun and sexy for a special evening, you will find a beautiful satin corset to meet your desires.

Senchanting Corsets for Women Corset Top Bustier Overbust Lace Up Corset Plus Size - - 5X-Large
  • Corsets for women plus size:metal clasp closure, back design: cord lacing up
  • Material:90% Polyester and 10% Spandexplastic boningPackage:one corset top and G-string
  • This fashion corset is widely used in wedding, christmas party, Halloween,clubbing, cosplay, stage performance,intimate or naughty occasions. Skirt or any other type of slim-fitting pants will be great with a corset
  • Please note:Don't use amazon size chart,Corsets are run smaller than other clothing. Pls choose your corset only based on your natural waist size
  • Wash care: Hand wash in warm water, wash separately, do not wring dry, lay flat to dry or hang over hanger

Shapewear Corsets

Shapewear corsets can be used to accentuate curves or to minimize them, depending on the style and shape of the corset. The goal is to enhance and flatter the figure of any corset wearer. Choosing the correct size is the first step towards selecting the perfect corset.

Shapewear corsets help to define the curves of the wearer in a subtle or dramatic way, depending on the style chosen. Corsets range in styling from flexi-bone styles to waist or under bust compression styles. They can be used either as beautiful fashion accents or for reshaping the body over time. When body training shapewear corsets are worn regularly, they can help to reshape the body to get a more attractive hourglass look.

Elements like satin and lace accents add to the beauty of shapewear corsets. The shaping effects are achieved with elements like steel busks and steel stays, along with flexi-bone framework. Many corsets are made from materials like nylon, satin, polyester and spandex to add extra flexibility.

Shapewear corsets are often constructed of alternating panels, with some that stretch and some that are rigid. The bodices on corsets are often contoured to help provide attractive lift. Shapewear corsets with sweetheart necklines accentuate the bust line in a beautiful way.

Shapewear corsets work exceptionally well underneath formal evening wear and under wedding dresses to enhance all the best features. This lets the wearer look her best on special occasions. They can also be worn underneath a pretty blazer for a trendy look.

No matter how they are used, wearing a shapewear corset is almost like having a full body makeover, without all the hours of gruelling workouts. Every woman’s best features are beautifully enhanced when she wears shapewear corsets.

Ursexyly Double Control Waist Trainer Corset Body Shaper Tummy Fat Burning Hourglass (M, Waist 29.1-31.4 Inch, Beige Corset)
  • ♦ Bullet Point ♦ : Double adjustment high compression design to ensure this Abdominal Wrap Weight Loss Corset Shaper could fit your figure at the most extent - 3 rows of hooks & eye closures inner + zipper closure outer, and the combo hooks and zipper panel really help distribute the pressure evenly
  • ♦ Wearing Occasions ♦: Office, Club, Party, Wedding, Gym, Festival, Holiday. Any occasion or daily life you want to be slimmer
  • ♦4 Spiral Steel Boned♦ provide a nice support on your back. It will help to improve your posture especially when working on the computer for a long time. It will remind you to maintain an upright posture always
  • ♦Promotes Body Heat♦: The Sweat Enhancing Sauna Waist Trainer Corset intensifies perspiration in your core more than regular gym-clothing during exercise; Ideal for YOGA, POSTPARTUM RECOVERY, GYM, SPORTS, BODY SHAPING etc, and guarantees a correct posture during your workouts
  • Please you can see our product photo size chart, such as S fit for US 6-8, waist 26.7-28.7 inch. If sometimes your US size not match with our waist inch size, such as you are US 6-8, but waist size 30 inch, finally depends on your waist size such as 30 inch. Then you could choose size M

Steampunk Corset

Steampunk is a genre of science fiction that features steam powered machinery. Often Steampunk stories are set in 19th century Victorian era or North America’s Wild West. Fashion in Steampunk stories are distinct, blending function and fashion and woman in steampunk were known for having some of the best style as well as being strong characters.

Like almost everything Steampunk, a Steampunk corset integrates purpose with beauty. Steampunk corsets often come with gun holster or satchels to hold various items. These corsets often have gold or bronze chains on them, which are mostly just decorative but on some corsets, they can be used to attach a pocket watch or others items to it.

These corsets come in a variety of styles depending on the “era” they’re from but there are some unique characteristics that can only be found in a Steampunk corset. Most Steampunk corsets are brown and leather (or made to look like leather). These corsets are usually complimented with chunky golden buckles, buttons, and chains. Black Steampunk corsets are commonly sleeker, with less functional accessories. These corsets are often complimented with silver buttons, clasps, and designs.

These rules are not necessarily set in stone. Steampunk corsets come in a verity of colours and styles but over all, they give off a militaristic or authoritative vibe, that are glorified with brocade patterns and industrial looking metal pieces.

Steampunk is a popular subculture and fashion statement. It mimics Victorian and western styles, while adding emphasis on industrialization. The unique thing about steam punk fashion is that it brings together tools and style. Streampunk corsets usually have functional parts. They are functionality doesn’t offset their beauty but, in fact, enhances it. Steampunk corsets are stunningly beautiful and unlike any other.

Charmian Women's Steampunk Gothic Heavy Strong Steel Boned One-Shoulder Faux Leather Spiral Stripe Shape Zipper Corset Plus Size Black XXXXX-Large
  • Please check our size chart on the product description,and choose the size based on your waist size
  • Heavy strong steel boned overbust corset features 10 flat steel bones plus 4 spiral steel bones;spiral stripe shape design,zipper at side,buckles decoration trim,cord lace up back for cinching,Slim fit
  • Corset front length for inch:13",back length for inch:15.4";Modesty panel width for inch:6.7"
  • Excellent for mad max,halloween,pirate,cosplay show,party,fashion stage show,etc
  • Hand wash separately in cold water,do not use machine

Steel Boned Corset

Steel boned corsets provide the strongest and highest quality support you can get in a boned corset. Steel boned corsets outwardly look the same as corsets built with other material but differ from other corsets in the construction of the stays, or boning, hidden inside the lining of the corset.

Stays give the corset its distinctive shape, stiffness and constricting power. Stays are often made of plastic or other less powerful materials, but steel boned corsets have inner stays of spring or spiralled steel to allow them to conform to your shape when laced tight, while still providing the highest level of support available.

Corsets boned with steel are stronger and more durable than corsets with stays made of plastic, and steel boned corsets can help you achieve a more controlled shape. These powerful example of corset lingerie provide more reliable pressure and can be laced with more precision than other corsets, giving you more control over the result and silhouette.

Steel boned corsets also allow for tighter lacing and can even be used for the practice of waist training. The steel stays can exert so much pressure that they can even permanently alter the shape of your torso with continued regular use, whereas plastic boned corsets are not strong enough to achieve this permanent change.

Because of their heavy-duty construction, steel boned corsets are considerably heavier than corsets with plastic stays and lighter weight materials. The steel provides a harder look and feel to the corset and restricts movement far more than plastic stays. Depending on how they are laced, steel boned corsets can significantly restrict breathing and even the normal function of internal organs. Some corset lingerie wearers choose the steel boning exactly for this restrictive quality, as it improves the wearer’s posture and presents a more poised and refined appearance.

Camellias Women's 26 Steel Boned Mesh Corset 2XL/30" (Fit Natural Waist 33"-35") Black Mesh,UK1997-2-Black-2XL
  • Mesh and Cotton; Double Steel Boned; Summer Mesh Corset Short Torso.
  • Built for Heavy Duty - 26 Double Steel Boned Underbust Corset for absolutely heavy duty waist training - 20 Spiral Steel Bones, 4 Steel Bars in the back, 2 Steel Bars adjacent to front busk. It's built with 4 Layers of Fabric: 2 Inner Layers of High Quality Cotton, Middle Layer Laminated to Outer Layer for Extra Strength. Modesty Panel to hide or protect your back for lacing up.
  • Waist Training & Weight Loss - This waist trainer corset is designed for heavy duty waist training, tummy control and waist slimming for the ultimate hourglass shape and greatly help your weight loss. The compression built around your waist and belly stimulates calorie and fat burn, especially during your diet, gym workout, running or fitness. Good choice if you are considering post pregnancy weight loss.
  • Lumbar & Back Support - the strong steel bones provide a solid support to your lumbar, middle and lower back, and helps with your posture correction if you wear it during work
  • Fashionable and Sexy Costume - A nice garment you must own in your wardrobe as a fashionable Halloween costume, gothic and steampunk cosplay , sexy lingerie or simply daily outfit.

Strapless Corset

A strapless corset offers more support than a typical strapless bra. It provides full coverage with outstanding support to the breasts, waist and back. They are often worn under strapless wedding gowns. They can also be worn under many other types of necklines, such as a deep V-neck or boatneck. Most strapless corsets feature back hook and eye closures. Sometimes referred to as a long line bra, the strapless corset has two underwire cups and thick, supportive fabric extending to the top of the panties.

Don’t be fazed by the hook-and-eye closures. They are easy to reach and secure. And without them, the strapless corset would not be as supportive or comfortable as it is. The hook-and-eye closures are the most secure and user-friendly fasteners for this garment.

The front of the strapless corset is lined with a non-stretch fabric for sturdy control as well as comfort. This fabric also smooths out the waist. The boning goes all the way around to ensure a smooth line and maximum support of the waistline. When wearing a strapless corset, the wearer can rest easy, knowing that it imparts a smooth silhouette from every angle under nearly any garment.

A strapless corset is sometimes a better choice than a strapless bra because it does not ride up. Each underwire cup features two stays with vertical and diagonal seams. This construction lifts and curves the breasts in a natural, flattering way. The thick elastic on the top and bottom seams keeps it in place for as long as it’s worn. While it is a supportive underpinning, it is comfortable. Many wearers report comfort, freedom of movement and support, in addition to enhanced curves, as reasons for choosing a strapless corset.

YIANNA Women's Latex Sports Waist Trainer Long Torso Waist Cincher Underbust - beige - S
  • ?Upgraded 2 layers Latex High Waist Trainer fabric: Inner layer constructed with soft and cozy 91% Cotton+9% Spandex; Outer layer of 100% natural latex;
  • ?9 spiral steel bones around underbust waist trainer: with both ends fixed with extra latex pad in each waist trainer can protect your back and waist from injury during your working-out, no matter when you are doing sit-ups, squats or just sitting down. High compression Durable latex will give you a high resistance to slim curve. It helps to reduce 3-5 inches in waist when you wear it.
  • ?3 Hook-and-Eye: adjustable with the changes of the waistline and exercise intensity, while instant shaping and slimming your body. The front hooks are large size and extra robust and capable of providing the support with no accidental breakup during your sit-ups, squats and other exercises.
  • ?Suitable for everyday wear: this design of waist trainer is not adjusted by long rope or belt in the traditional steel boned waist training corsets, therefore can avoid all the awkward moments with the tracks on the back. It can mix and match a variety of clothes and dresses in the daily work, and more importantly, it can keep burning your fat with the special molecular materials in your everyday wear, and help with your weight losing till the end before you know it.
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.


Corset style torsolettes are a popular undergarment and evening wear choice, combining the figure support and elegant styling of a corset with the slim profile and lightweight construction of traditional bras and camisoles. Torsolettes look like a corset in many ways but are far less restricting and figure shaping. Like many corsets, torsolettes often contain lightweight plastic boning in their lining, which provides strapless support and figure shaping control.

Unlike traditional corsets, torsolettes do not fasten or change shape with lacing, instead fastening up the back with a series of bra style hook closures. Because torsolettes do not feature the customizable laced up shaping control of corsets, they are often made of stretchier and more pliable material. Even with the stretchy quality, it’s important to get a torsolette in the correct shape and size to produce the ideal silhouette.

Torsolettes often feature lightweight boning or vertical seaming to provide a moderate amount of figure control without the restrictive quality of laced corsets. Torsolettes may or may not include straps, and the strapless varieties are often a popular choice for providing support under strapless gowns and evening wear.

Torsolettes are also often chosen as undergarments for bridal wear. They often include bra cups for additional support and control, and many styles are convertible, with removable bra straps and grater straps to make them more versatile.

While corsets are often chosen as outwear and costume pieces, torsolettes are better suited for undergarments, combining the long shape and figure control of a corset with the discreet support and versatility of a bra. Like any undergarment, torsolettes can be designed with clean lines to be simple and invisible under clothing or embellished with lace and unique styling for a fancier and more provocative look.

Dominique Smooth Satin Torsolette Style Bridal Basque (36C, White)
  • Beautiful smooth satin bridal basque
  • Longer length / torsolette style provides great shaping and control
  • Light spiral steel boning slims and cinches the waist, curves the hips and flattens the tummy
  • Back of basque sits approximately 1" below where your bra band would si
  • Please refer to the Cup Size image to ensure you get the correct size.

Underbust Corset

Underbust corsets are a women’s clothing garment that wraps around the waist, stopping just underneath the breasts. It is made of a firm-fitting fabric, usually cotton coutil, and reinforced with plastic or steel boning to shape and sculpt the waistline. They typically have metal bust closures in the front. The lack of included bra distinguishes the underbust corset from overbust corsets and bustiers.

Underbust corsets were designed in the 16th century as a shaping garment and are still used for that purpose today. They are also used for waist training, a practice in which the corset is worn regularly over a long period of time to achieve a reduction in waist circumference. Waist training is popular among celebrities like Beyonce, Jessica Alba and Kourtney Kardashia as a method of losing baby weight.

When combined with the right bra, they sculpt the silhouette into a smooth, hourglass shape so that they wearer looks her best in the chosen over-garment. Many corsets include detachable garters for convenience. Corset boning may be internal or external and busk enclosures may be covered or uncovered. The type of underbust you select depends on what you are wearing with it, your desired comfort level, and the occasion. The kind you will want to wear for costume play will likely be different than what you would choose for a romantic evening at home.

Underbust corsets are unique from other lingerie items in that they are commonly worn outside the clothes. When worn on top of a blouse or dress, underbust corsets provide an extra dimension and an added fashion statement to the ensemble. Short underbust corsets called waist cinchers or waspies are especially popular as outerwear, having the appearance of a large, wide belt.

SHAPERX Women's Mesh Waist Trainer, 26 Double Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Training Shaper Cincher, UK-DT1996-Black-XL
  • Mesh and cotton; double steel boned.Waist Training & Weight Loss - This waist trainer corset is designed for heavy duty waist training, tummy control and waist slimming for the ultimate hourglass shape and greatly help your weight loss. The compression built around your waist and belly stimulates calorie and fat burn, especially during your diet, gym workout, running or fitness. Good choice if you are considering post pregnancy weight loss.
  • 26 flat & spiral steel bones (2 stainless steel busk closure, 4 flat steel bones, 20 spiral steel bones).Fashionable and Sexy Costume - A nice garment you must own in your wardrobe as a fashionable Halloween costume, gothic and steampunk cosplay fun, sexy lingerie or simply daily outfit.
  • 11" front / 11.5" back / 8.5" side.Lumbar & Back Support - the strong steel bones provide a solid support to your lumbar, middle and lower back, and helps with your posture correction if you wear it during work.
  • Note: Our corsets waist trainers, waist cinchers, waist trimmers and shapers are sized by waist measurement, so please choose your corset according to your waistline measurement.
  • Strong corset cord lacing back: ribbon lacing.High strength laces cording, 6" back modesty panel.

Victorian Corset

Victorian style corsets are garments based on  corsets from the Victorian period. This style came out of England in the mid to late 1800s and was popular with upper class communities. These corsets stand out from other corset with their tighter waist, spiral steel boning, and flaring at the hips. The goal with these corsets is to promote an exaggerated, feminine figure through shrinking the waist, widening the hips, and pushing up the bust.

While these corsets may be worn as undergarments, they are also popularly worn outside of a dress or blouse, as well as by themselves. Most Victorian corsets do not have a bra attached, ending at the underbust. Usually, the corsets will be shaped around the underbust, instead of being cut straight across.

Usually, genuine Victorian corsets are made with steel boning and may have a satin exterior or interior. These undergarments are usually worn with a girdle, which further enhances the appearance of the hips. Victorian corsets tend to be longer than other styles, such as funnel corsets, ending at the widest point of the hips.

What seperates Victorian corsets from other types is the shape and the lacing. While costume corsets may be closed with bra-like clasps, Victorian corsets have lacing on the back. When this lacing is pulled taught, it compresses the waist, giving the characteristic hourglass figure of these corsets.

While many corsets are used for aesthetic purposes, people also use these corsets for waist training, in which they create a smaller waist by slowing tightening the lacing over the course of months. Victorian corsets used for this purpose must have strong boning and a firm shell, otherwise it creates a “pillowing” effect where the waist pushes out from above and below the tightest point.

PANOZON Halter Victorian Brocade Corset Plus Size Ladies Boned Body Shaper Adjustable Shaping Costume S-6XL (3XL,Black)
  • We stock hundreds of Mens, Womens and Childrens plain clothing ranging from Swimwear,T-Shirts, Corest, Dress, Hoodies and Sweatshirts
  • Perfect coverage, tummy control, modest design, make you more flattering,super comfortable and high elastic fabrics provide excellent fit. Characteristic :lightweight, comfortable, soft, breathable and quick dry
  • Washing Suggestion: Wash in Cold Water and Hang Dry, machine washable. Hand wash recommended
  • Various sizes are available, Occasion: Perfect for wedding, bridal lingerie, christmas party, clubbing, cosplay,Night Out Dancing, Halloween Party or Other Occasions
  • Please DO NOT use Amazon size guide, just check the "Size Detail" in Product Description

Waist Cinchers

A waist cincher, also sometimes referred to as a “Waspie,” is a “short” corset worn around the middle, much like a thick belt. The purpose of this undergarment is to physically reduce waist size by tightly pulling in the waist. Worn against the skin or over light clothing, a well-made waist cincher can comfortably reduce the wearer’s waist size by several inches, flatten the stomach and enhance an hourglass figure. Waist cinchers can also encourage upright posture by offering back support.

Unlike a full corset, the top of a properly fitting waist cincher stops short of the bust. The bottom falls just above the hips. The side seam of a waist cincher may be 6-8 inches long, whereas a full underbust corset may have an inseam of 9 inches or longer. Waist cinchers can be made with various materials such as lace, cotton, ribbon and/or latex. They fasten with stainless steel busks or hook and eye closures in the front and often have metal boning to maintain the garment’s structure. The back of a waist cincher often has elastic and ties up with laces.

A waist cincher works well for many different body types. Women who are of shorter stature or who have a shorter torso fare particularly well. Full underbust corsets on the market, often too long, can push up the breasts unnaturally or can dip into the lap when sitting. Thus, a “cincher” may end up fitting like a full underbust corset for certain body types. Average and longer-torsoed women who desire increased mobility and less rib-contouring may also prefer a waist cincher over a full underbust corset.

Burvogue Waist Trainer,Women's 9-27 Steel Boned Latex Cincher Underbust Corset
  • We have updated the size chart in the images, please refer our size chart to choose size instead of Amazon's size chart. Size runs small, please choose 1 size up
  • High compression and reduce your waist line by more than 3 inches if you insist to wear it. It helps to boost thermo activity, put it on when you workout, it will have a better effect
  • 9 Steel Bones support, Helpful 4 rows of hook&eyes, more stable and durable, which will give you a desired hourglass figure
  • Material:Core:75%Natural Latex, 25%cotton. Flatten abdomen, Speedup fat burning, Reduce inches instantly
  • Perfect for everyday wear, make you slim and beautiful, slimming fabric make it seamless, and can be wear under clothes whenever go to a party, work or a gym, suitable for any occasions

Waspie Corsets

Waspies are a type of corset that is often called a waist cincher. A waspie is similar to a belt, because it is worn around the waist. The purpose of wearing a waspie is to make the waste smaller or make it appear smaller. This allows for the body to show a smoother line between a bra and panty. Waspies are usually wider than the average belt. They are designed to close at the front of the body. A variety of materials can be used for the closure, including hooks, clips, buttons, or ribbon. Waist cinchers or waspies are usually made with an elastic material and lace. Plastic is inserted between the fabrics to aid in the structure.

Waspies are available in a variety of lengths in order to fit any body type. Lengths can range from panty line to just over the navel, to just under the bra. They can be worn as an undergarment against the skin, or they can be worn over clothing. If worn under clothing, they are normally attached to stockings with multiple suspender belts. If worn over clothing, they are often made with a heavier material. Both wearing suspender belts and creating with a more durable material help to keep waspies in place.

Waspies became popular in the 1940s and again in the 1980s. The design and style of waspies has changed little over time. Today they are still popular, and some are designed to mimic those of the 1940s. Some fashion designers have styled shirts to have the same appearance as a waspie. These corsets are available in a wide range of colours to compliment any wardrobe. A well-designed waspie will be both comfortable and functional and will leave a woman feeling confident in her appearance.

HOEREV Women's Elastic Wide Band Tied Waspie Corset Waist Belt, Black, M
  • Brush with damp cloth and Waist Cinching Belt
  • HOEREV is a registered trade mark in USA,UK&EU.The package with HOEREV LOGO;
  • Stylish and goes with both casual and dressy wear
  • Ideal for wearing with today's oversized shirts
  • S Length: 26.5"(68cm) Waist:26"-30"(65cm-76cm);M Length:30"(76cm) Waist:30"-33"(76cm-84cm) ;L Length:33"(84cm) Waist:33"-36"((84cm-91cm);XL Length:36"(92cm) Waist:36"-39"(92cm-99cm);XXL Length:39"(96cm) Waist:39"-43"(100cm-110cm)
Corset Lingerie, bridal lace corset
Image by anna_bendikova from Pixabay

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