Vintage Shopping

Finding Cheap Vintage Clothes

Finding cheap vintage clothes is part of the attraction of building your collection. Making your search a mixture of online investigation, visits to shops, journeys out of your local area, and trips to festivals and pop-up markets is part of the attraction. It’s these journeys … Read More

3 Vintage Clothes Shops Online

Since interest soared tens years ago there are now thousands of vintage clothes shops. Here are just three that have well established and that have gained a healthy reputation. Mod Cloth The first thing that strikes you about is its appealing design (though at … Read More

6 Awesome Things About Vintage Shops

A typical high street: glass-fronted shops sell the same goods by the same brands. The same people wear whatever is prescribed by television fashion ‘gurus’ that given day. Then, amid the monotony, they approach. She wears a polka dot swing dress, red lipstick and an … Read More