The Sixties

Best Fashion Trends of the 1960s

Combined with music the fashion trends of the 1960s reflected the strong currents of change whirling through society during this decade. The Peacock Revolution The 1960s were a period of major change and experimentation. It is no surprise that the fashion industry was so greatly … Read More

7 Famous People in the 1960s

There are dozens of famous people in the 1960s whose influence is still felt today. Here are just three individuals and the Fab Four. David Bailey Beginning his photography career in the late 1950s, David Bailey has captured the likenesses of some of the most … Read More

1960s Fashion, Music, Hair, Homes

1960s fashion remains as vivid today as it was when it first appeared. The 1960s was the decade in which strong currents of change and mind expansion swirled through society, culture, art, and music. 1960s Britain Britain in the sixties was akin to a man … Read More

Britain’s Mods of the 1960s

Britain’s Mods of the 1960s were a reaction to the austerity that lingered on in the post war era. The style began in London and spread throught the UK. England in the 1950s was a pretty drab place to be. Still in the shadow of … Read More