20th Century Fashion

Mass Market Clothing in the 20th Century

Although rationing persisted in the UK well into the 1950’s the mass market clothing industry was one of the first to take advantage of the relaxation of austerities. The fashion trends in the 1950s reflected a transition from the rigidity and control of the 1940s … Read More

Vintage Dresses For All Occasions

Vintage Dresses Through The Years Whether you scour thrift stores and vintage boutiques for original items, or prefer the clean crisp feel of reproductions, there is something immensely satisfying about wearing a vintage dress. Here is a quick guide to some characteristic styles of the … Read More

1950s Designers and Fashion Houses

In other posts we’ve concentrated on specific people but in this one we take a look at 1950s designers and fashion houses in particular. Chanel Chanel has been a predominate name in the fashion industry, even today it is a household name that is a … Read More

3 Top 1950s Fashion Designers

Here are just three of the top 1950s fashion designers. This post is best read in sequence with our others on the fashion designers of the 20th Century. Coco Chanel The only designer to ever be named in ‘Time: The Top 100 Most Important People … Read More

12 More Famous Fashion Designers

Here are 12 more famous fashion designers from the late 20th Century. You’ll find many more in our other posts here and here. Ralph Lauren Born in The Bronx to parents from Belarus, Ralph Lauren went through his schoolboy days with dreams of becoming a … Read More

11 Late 20th Century Fashion Designers

Here are eleven more of the late 20th Century fashion designers that had their heydays in the 1960s, 1970s, and later on toward the century’s end. Laura Ashley A favourite British company, founded by Bernard Ashley and his wife, Laura, after World War II, Laura … Read More

14 Fashion Designers of the 20th Century

In this post we describe the life and career of 14 of the most influential fashion designers of the 20th Century, from Cristóbal Balenciaga to Pacco Rabanne. Cristóbal Balenciaga Cristobal Balenciaga was born January 21, 1985 in Getaria- a small fishing village in the Basque … Read More