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3 Vintage Clothes Shops Online

Since interest soared tens years ago there are now thousands of vintage clothes shops. Here are just three that have well established and that have gained a healthy reputation.

Mod Cloth

The first thing that strikes you about is its appealing design (though at this time the site is not accessible to people in Europe).Crisp colours, dominated by greyish blues, clear layout, and tempting pictures of the wares on offer. However, there is far more to the site than just a pretty face. It sells well-made, reasonably priced clothes in a staggeringly wide variety of vintage and faux vintage styles from steampunk to rockabilly and beyond.

There isn’t a typical Mod Cloth offering, as such, though if I had to pick a favourite it would be the huge selection of mid-length dresses in prints and plains, recalling the 1950s and 1960s, but often with a thoroughly up to date twist. Many of these are evocatively named after the kind of activity you might like to do in them, such as the “Coach Tour Dress” and “Boat House Brunch Dress”.

Among the hundreds of footwear styles available are sandals, boots, and of course heels of every height. What most caught my eye was the vast array of different colours available: more like a sweet shop than a shoe shop, and brilliant for finding something that matches your favourite vintage outfit.

There is lingerie too, coyly labelled as ‘intimates’: shapewear that gives you the right figure for the decade you’re inspired by, comfortable and stylish bras (including a ‘wonderfully wearable’ one-shoulder number that is a personal favourite of mine), sleepwear, and – of course – the frilly petticoats that are essential underpinnings for 1950s style circle dresses and other full-skirted numbers.

Mod Cloth clearly believes that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes: there is a great selection of plus size items available, and the website uses plus size models to display many of its items.

As if that wasn’t enough, there is also a full selection of bags and accessories, homeware, and even pet accessories. Host stylish tea parties with home baked cupcakes and a quirky cat-shaped teapot. And if you’ve ever longed for ice cubes in the shape of dinosaur bones, an alligator grater or a moustache shaped baking mould, you now know where to go!

The ‘be the buyer’ function on the website allows customers to influence which items are stocked in the future. Simply vote for your favourite styles, and the most popular ones become available to buy. Such a clever, simple idea: I have no idea why more websites don’t do it.

Mod Cloth began by selling one of a kind true vintage items, and these are still available. It also prides itself on its relationship with small, independent designers. Many of the items it stocks are only available in small quantities, so it’s a good idea to snap your favourites up as soon as you find them!

Bettie Page Clothing

Inspired by the persona of the iconic and legendary Bettie Page, the Bettie Page Clothing collection, a glamourous line of retro-styled dresses and skirts, has been making a big statement in the fashion world. Although wearing Bettie Page-inspired clothing is mostly popular with women in the United States and Canada, a big number of women in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe have been donning these vintage-styled clothes as well. With chic designs that also span the Rockabilly and Indie styles, the Bettie Page style of clothes boldly epitomises the classical and seamless dress style of the 1950s.

Vintage Clothes Shops - Bettie Page
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The Bettie Page-inspired dresses and skirts that we know today is actually a product of the virtuosic brilliance of the Russian-born model-turned-designer, Tatyana Khomyakova, a Las Vegas-based fashion luminary renowned for her sophisticated and well-detailed retro clothes designs. Together with her entrepreneur husband, Jan Glaser, a prominent figure in the financial sector, Tatyana set up her first boutique in 2007 at the Miracle Mile Shops in Las Vegas. This boutique showcased Tatyana’s wide array of sultry Betty Page style clothes that instantly became a fashion phenomenon in the locality.

As sales soared to unexpected figures, Tatyana and her husband opened another boutique in the flashy Las Vegas shopping complex of Caesar’s Palace. As years moved forward, the popularity of Tatyana’s line of Bettie page clothing extended beyond the borders of Las Vegas and spread quickly to other US states and the major cities of Canada.

Bettie Page clothes are made from the finest and highest quality fabrics having the precise combination of cotton, nylon, and lycra. Among the most popular styles of Bettie Page style clothes are the New Crystal, a style that depicts a classical yet sexy 1950s schoolgirl, and the Happy Bows, a style that features a navy-coloured accent and portrays an elegant and modestly sexy feminine figure.

Moreover, Tatyana Khomyakova, also known as an animal rights advocate, boasts of the fact that her collection of Bettie Page designs doesn’t involve the use of any fur and leather materials, which became a big welcome for animal lovers and animal rights activists around the world.

To date, Bettie Page style clothes are sold in over 20,000 boutiques in major cities all over the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the rest of the European continent, and the Asia-Pacific region, more particularly in Australia. Although the lady that inspired it all, Bettie Page, also known as the “Queen of Pin-Ups” and the “Icon of Fetish Modeling”, already passed away in December 11, 2008, her fashion legacy and influence still lingers, and with millions of women around the world idolising her and desiring to mimic her looks, Bettie Page clothing styles will continue to be a hot trend in mainstream fashion for years to come.

What Katie Did

New is not always better. At least that is the theory behind What Katie Did. This company looks to the past to create high quality undergarments for the modern woman. The company began back in 1999, starting with a line of affordable seamed stockings. In the years since, What Katie Did has diversified its collection, adding a selection of other vintage undergarments. With several boutiques now located worldwide, the products at What Katie Did are a perfect blend of modern quality and old-fashioned style.

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While What Katie Did still carries the affordable seamed stockings that got it started, the company has greatly expanded its hosiery offerings. Now shoppers can choose from seamed stocking, seamless hosiery, fishnet nylons, and even a unique assortment of vintage hosiery. These stockings are modelled after those available in the 1940s and 1950s and are often used in movie productions set in that era.

Beyond hosiery, What Katie Did is also a great place for classic bras and lingerie. The bras feature vintage styling, including some of the more distinctive 1950s fashion statements. Of the choices, shoppers can find bullet bras, sailor lingerie, and glamourous shapewear to create the perfect silhouette. The lingerie ranges from practical to sexy, ideal for daily use and special occasions.

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In addition to these classic options, What Katie Did also carries corsets, perfect for both function and fashion. Corsets can be hard to find, yet What Katie Did has a wide selection, featuring everything from Oriental cut pieces to ornate bridal options. With satin, lace, and leather garments, there is sure to be a corset right for any individual on any occasion.

Along with these exquisite choices, What Katie Did also has a number of additional items for sale, such as vintage bathing suits. It even features skirts and boleros to perfectly accent the beautiful corsets available there. Shoppers can even finish their look with sexy gloves or other accessories.

Overall, What Katie Did has a one of a kind collection that no one should miss. The boutique is perfect for anyone looking for a bit of vintage style.

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